Re-Set Week

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Brand New for Summer 2018
6 - 10th August, class starts 7.15am but arrive from 7 to give yourself time for waking up / having a cup of herbal tea / quiet reflection or stretch. Class will finish by 8.15am.

We have some flexibility and could start / finish earlier later one day if we need a slightly longer class one morning - let me know your work commitments whilst booking if you are worried about time.

Have you lost your way since starting 2018 fresh and full of enthusiasm? Do you just need to re-set a little bit and get back on track?

Whether that sounds familiar or not, why not join us to re-set our body clocks, get some early morning classes done and waken (and shake) things up a bit.

Start your day with a refreshing and rejuvenating class to leave you feeling energised and ready for the day ahead. A fantastic workout for your body and mind.

The week long timetable will include energising yoga and Pilates classes, with some standing barre work too, as well as meditation and intention setting. Combine it with evening classes that week for the full on retreat-esque experience (even if you do have to go to work in between).

We may do class outside if weather allows